Alcohols, Aldehydes, and Ketones

I like teaching this organic chemistry course.  The students are a little scared at first, but they really get into labs like this where they…
pipilo Feb 25, 2006

Say no to torture.

I'm so sickened today about all the "torture" talk in the news, the Congress and White House. Can't we just take the freaking high ground…
pipilo Nov 08, 2005

White Sox - Astros?

The White Sox are in baseball's world series.  They haven't won since 1917.  Astros look like they're headed there too, for the first time since…
pipilo Oct 17, 2005


On Friday I had meetings at three different colleges.  Two department meetings at colleges where I now teach, sandwiched around a meeting with a teacher…
pipilo Oct 17, 2005
Bad recyclingpic

Bad recycling

Too bad more people didn't realize this last November.
pipilo Oct 16, 2005

Visit home

Matt came home from college to visit this past weekend. It was a very nice surprise for us, as we really didn't expect him to…
pipilo Oct 04, 2005


I sure do love the college environment.  My years at Bates were fun, but I think Matt may be in for an even better time. …
pipilo Sep 18, 2005

At last, a real person from Panera!

Progress?  Seems to be human this time, but no name attached.  Perhaps it's progress, but the site is still blocked, 10 days after my initial inquiry.  I…
pipilo Aug 09, 2005

At Panera, you can't read this.

Okay, so what's this all about?  If you're sitting in a Panera Bread restaurant right now, you can't read this, because they block all access…
pipilo Aug 05, 2005

Buzznet Book

okay, I've done it!  I've ordered a Buzznet Book!  56 pages, to include all 336 of the photos I've uploaded so far, except for those…
pipilo Jul 30, 2005
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About Me:

Spend lots of time at Torrey Pines state beach and reserve, either running or taking photos. Dad with 2 kids (22 and 24 as of 2010). I teach chemistry at two different colleges, and have serious photography and website obsessions. Nikon D70 since December 2004.


disc golf, ecology, frisbee golf, my kids, nature, photography, politix, running, web design

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coltraine, ella, jazz, miles davis, sinatra, stacey kent

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Casablanca, action-adventure, nothing too serious or scary, romantic comedies..

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c-span, great hotels (can't get enough of Samantha Brown), reruns from 60s and 70s., sports, that show on the food network showing how stuff is made at the factories

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Franken, McPhee, and politix, art, books on travel, nature, photography